Air Receivers

Air Receivers

We provide supreme range of Air Receivers that is used for compressed air storage and is preferred in all compressed air systems. Its primary function is to decrease wear and tear on compression unit, elimination of pulsations from the discharge line. Our air receiver is effective in condensing the moisture and other impurities in the compressed air. The design and size is normally based on the volume of air produced by the compressor and as per the clients’ desire for a stated capacity in cubic feet per minute at a specified pressure. Our air receiver comes in various types that are vertical receiver, horizontal receivers, low pressure receiver, high pressure receivers.

Key features and characteristics of our Conical Blenders:

Air Storage: The primary function of an industrial air receiver is to store compressed air. This storage allows for a steady and reliable supply of compressed air to meet fluctuating demands in industrial processes.

Pressure Regulation: Air receivers help regulate and stabilize the pressure within a compressed air system. They can smooth out pressure fluctuations, reducing the strain on compressors and ensuring a consistent air supply.

Condensation Removal: These tanks often include features for moisture removal, helping to prevent damage to downstream equipment by collecting and draining condensate that forms in the compressed air.

Energy Efficiency: Air receivers can contribute to energy efficiency by allowing compressors to operate more steadily, reducing the need for frequent start-stop cycles, which can be energy-intensive.

Safety Relief Valves: Industrial air receivers are equipped with safety relief valves to prevent over-pressurization. These valves release excess pressure to maintain a safe operating level.

Various Sizes: These tanks come in various sizes and capacities to meet the specific needs of different industries and applications. Smaller receivers may be used in workshops, while larger ones can be found in manufacturing facilities, refineries, and power plants.


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